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Normal Thai Ladyboy

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So you’re thinking about dating a normal Thai ladyboy and I bet you have a load of questions.

Where can I find good ladyboys?

How to tell the difference between good and bad ladyboys?

What will people think about me dating a ladyboy?

We have articles on this site in Thai which give advice to Thai ladyboys about dating foreigners and many send in questions and want to know how they can meet a foreign man. I can honestly say there are lots of ladyboys whose desire is just to find someone to love. They don’t care about money and aren’t going to try scam you.

Throughout my time in Thailand I have met many ladyboys from all walks of society. Some have lived up to negative stereotypes but some have been lovely people and among the most interesting I have met in Thailand. I want to share my experience and let you know how you can soon be dating a normal Thai ladyboy.



Where To Find Normal Ladyboys

Dating a normal Thai ladyboy is easy to do if you know where to find them.

If you come on vacation it is likely you will end up in Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket with their famous red light districts. Whilst it is easy to find ladyboys in these places it is also a lot more unlikely that they will be normal, good ladyboys. Many have multiple sponsors from around the world and aren’t really interested in a relationship whilst there is money to be made from unsuspecting victims.

So where can you find a normal Thai ladyboy? I have some suggestions for you….


makeup-brushes-824710_640Salons and Makeup counters – Whilst ladyboys can be found in a large variety of jobs the most common are those working in salons and at makeup counters as well as other traditional feminine jobs in the health and beauty industry.

Seeing that a ladyboy has to spend a long time getting ready every day it is easy to see how they have mastered the art of makeup and beauty. Many Thai women take advice from ladyboys when it comes to makeup, styling and fashion.

All the big shopping malls will have a makeup section in the large department shops. There will also be many independent makeup and beauty shops in the mall which employ ladyboys. As there are a large number of tourists visiting the malls most ladyboys will speak good English and perhaps another language such as Japanese or German.

Hotels and Tour Guides – If you venture away from the tourist areas in Thailand you will quickly realize that most people don’t speak English. However, I would say that the ladyboy community in Thailand tends to speak better English than most and as such are often employed in tourist industries such as hotels and as tour guides.

Many ladyboys in these positions speak great English and also maybe a second and third language. They also have the benefit of seeing other cultures which could make it easier for you to be together as a couple.

While it is true that perhaps some of these ladyboys in places such as Pattaya might be freelance prostitutes at night when their work shift finishes you will find a lot who are honest and working here to use and practice English.

Ask Your Thai Friends – I have heard that there are up to 1 million ladyboys in Thailand. This means that your Thai friends are likely to know a few ladyboys and can maybe arrange a meeting. Getting a good recommendation from friends can go a long way.

It also means that your foreign friends might know a ladyboy from their work or through mutual friends. Again you cant guarantee they will be good but if they are friends of friends then the chances they are are higher.

Dating a Normal Thai Ladyboy From a Website

dating a normal thai ladyboyOnline dating means it is now easier than ever to meet a ladyboy. You can sit in your home and get to know someone over a period of time. It is also great for meeting normal ladyboys as many sign up as they live in areas of Thailand that foreigners don’t visit.

Check out our review of which is our recommended site for meeting Thai and International ladyboys online. They ban members who break their strict rules – I can confirm this as I have seen it happen to Ladyboys who signed up via our site who broke the rules. is  free to sign up to and see the ladyboys online but then you must buy a subscription to contact them. This attracts good ladyboys as they know people who pay for this dating site are more serious about finding their true ladyboy love.

หาคู่ต่างชาติออนไลน์If you are looking for a free dating site then look at  which has many ladyboys as well as women and men on their site. Registration is free but you are limited to sending 1 message every 10 minutes – You can upgrade to get unlimited messaging.

I would say you are likely to find a wider range of ladyboys on this site including those looking for one night hook ups and pay for play action. Again if this is your thing then jump on and you will find what you are looking for on


Bad Ladyboys

You’ve probably read horror stories about ladyboys being responsible for a large amount of crime, expesically in Pattaya. Maybe you have personally been on the wrong end of a bad ladyboy from a bar and that’s why you are now focusing on dating a normal Thai ladyboy.  From pick pocketing through to drugging and robbing tourists they do get a bad reputation if you focus your searches on the red light districts. I live around 20km from central Bangkok and all the ladyboys I know are great people and hate the reputation they get from their “sisters” in Pattaya.

CC Image Flickr Mimi Chen

CC Image Flickr Mimi Chen

Maybe you are worried that you ladyboy is just after your money  (look at our Money Issues With a Thai Partner article for information on this subject) and doesn’t really love you. It is true that there are some ladyboys who think this way but it can be a cultural issue. Speaking to ladyboys and other Thais I have found that when a ladyboy is in a relationship with a Thai man it is usually the ladyboy who pays for things and supports the man. It goes to show that many ladyboys are successful and can get jobs, so if your ladyboy girlfriend says she cant find work and needs you to give her money then I’d say you’re probably with a bad ladyboy.

Of course personaility plays a big part on how you get on in a ralationship and sometimes you might just clash. Sometimes a ladyboy isn’t bad but you are just too different. There are a lot of great ladyboys out there so don’t necessarily fall for the first one you meet.

What Normal Thai Ladyboys Want In a Partner

We get lots of emails to the site from Thai ladyboys who are looking to date foreign men. We have written articles for them about dating foreigners and how to find good foreign guys but many still have bad experiences. Here are a list of the common wishes from many ladyboys.

Behave like a gentleman – If you behave as a gentleman and treat her like you should then you can find your perfect peaceful soulmate. Ladyboys may be born male but their deepest desire is to be treated like a lady and for you to be proud to call her your partner. Most want what ladies want – a kind, honest loving man. If you can provide these things then you will have a loving partner in return.

However, if you piss her off then ladyboys are well known for showing their emotion and can more than hold their own in a fight. Many ladyboys struggle to find committed guys – sometimes the guys cheat or decide they don’t want a serious relationship in the long term. If you can’t commit then you shouldn’t complain if things turn nasty.

Even though you should be a good guy make sure you aren’t a chump. Know when to get out of a bad relationship and spot the signs that you arent dating a normal Thai ladyboy.

Be Proud of Her – Again she wants to know you are proud of her and value your relationship. She isn’t a prostitute – you are dating a normal Thai ladyboy so show her off to your friends and don’t keep her a dirty secret.

She doesn’t want to be your fallback option or mistress she wants to be the number one priority in your life. This means more than skyping once a week, it means trying to make an effort to talk as much as possible and find a way to be together. She isn’t a holiday romance you can hook up with 2 weeks a year.


Ladyboys From Around the World

If you are planning on dating a normal Thai ladyboy then maybe you are open to dating ladyboys from other countries. Here in Thailand you will find ladyboys from all over Asia and from other parts of the world too.

surgery-676398_640With a more open and tolerant attitude to transgenders many come to live a better life. Many Filipino ladyboys live in Thailand and although some work in red light districts others work in jobs such as modelling, teaching and accounting. Filipinos tend to speak better English than Thais so the language barrier wont exist.

Other ladyboys and TS come to Thailand for the cheap, world famous surgery on offer. From Breast to butts, noses to chins everything can be changed at a low cost. Many also come for full sex reassignment surgery to fully transform their body. They may have to stay in Thailand for some time and you can get the chance to meet them.

There is also the world famous Tiffany Miss International Queen beauty contest which attracts hundreds of ladyboys and TS from around the world to compete and watch. Whilst it is not impossible not meet these beauty queens you will have to bring your A game.

What People Think of You

hands-376815_640In the end do you care what people think of you? Everyday I see ladyboys and their boyfriends walking around hand in hand and nobody looks twice at them – it’s a normal part of life in Thailand.

Whilst it isn’t possible to get officially married in Thailand to a ladyboy you can in many other countries so you might have to fly back to your home country for the ceremony.

In your home country you may face more scrutiny than here in Thailand. With far fewer ladyboys and TS in your home country people might be less accepting and your relationship may even be illegal in some ultra conservative countries.

In the end don’t let these things stop you from dating a normal Thai ladyboy.

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