Monthly Cost of Living in Thailand December 2017 4

Monthly Cost of Living in Thailand December 2017

Welcome to the December 2017 report on my monthly spend in Thailand.

Total Earned:  112,000 THB

Total Spend:     72,000 THB

Saved / Invested:    40,000 THB


Accommodation – 20,000 THB

My rent for a 2 bedroom place is 20,000 Baht. I am looking to get a cheaper place next year when my contract finishes in February.

My current place is just over 70sq meters which is fantastic. I love having the space to spread out and store things without making the place crowded.

Utility Bills –     3,000 THB

With cooler weather I saved a bit on my electric bill. I did have a much higher water bill though which evened things out.

My other costs include internet, Netflix and AIS mobile phone.


Transport –       5,000 THB

I was really lazy when it came to transport in December. I used a lot of taxis as I was exhausted after working so much. It costs around 250 Baht from my office to home which quickly adds up.

I added 500 Baht to both my BTS and MRT cards which helped me to get around town.


Food –      12,000 THB

I seemed to eat out a lot in December. I only spent 22 days in Bangkok and think I only ate at home once or twice.

Most restaurants I went to charged around 200 Baht. I also went to a couple of nice places near Asok and Terminal 21 which were more expensive.


General Shopping –   2,000 THB

Before heading to the UK for Christmas I went shopping at Union Mall to pickup some warm weather clothes. 2 pairs of jeans and several T-shirts came to 2,000 Baht.

Entertainment –       5,000 THB

A few Christmas parties and events meant going out a few times. This normally meant a bar or somewhere with a few expensive drinks.

I also went twice to the cinema which cost around 300 Baht each time when including popcorn and a drink.


Travel –    10,000 THB

I was in the UK for Christmas for 10 days. I had already paid for my flights so the above was my spending money. I didn’t spend a great deal as I didn’t do too much. Just a couple of drinks and meals and the odd bit of shopping.

I got vouchers for Christmas presents so a lot of other shopping was covered by those.


Others –   15,000 THB

With Christmas coming up I spent some money on presents for family and friends.

Invested –   0THB

I didn’t put anything away in investments this month. I plan to wait until the new year to open a couple of small savings accounts. I also have a scheme through my company starting in April 2018 which will come to around 7,500 Baht a month.

Saved –  40,000 THB

A good month for saving. This will probably be invested next month. I actually had some extra work projects which helped in this section.

Overview – Monthly Cost of Living in Thailand December 2017

December has been manic. I’ve worked a lot, finished a school term and been in the UK. I have a few days in January to relax before work again but feel like I have much to do still!

Hopefully 2018 will start with a good month. I will start looking for new condos to move to which will reduce my cost in accommodation and also travel.


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