Monthly Cost of Living in Thailand September 2017 1 Bitcoin Exchange Thailand

Monthly Cost of Living in Thailand September 2017

Welcome to the September 2017 report on my monthly spend in Thailand.

Total Earned:  100,000 THB

Total Spend:     73,800 THB

Saved / Invested:    26,200 THB


Accommodation – 20,000 THB

My 2 bedroom condo is an escape from the city. It’s at the end of the MRT line in Tao Poon. The area is quiet and prices are low compared to the city center or even nearby Chatuchak.

I’ll look to move somewhere else at the end of my contract in March and will find somewhere else a little cheaper. I feel it is worth having a nice place to live in though to let you unwind at the end of the day.


Utility Bills –     3,800 THB

I have a lot of utility bills which totaled 3,800 Baht.

Electricity comes to around 1,500 baht each month and water 200. I also have my phone, internet and Netflix which makes up the rest of the bill.

I also have already paid for BeIn sports for the football which cost 1,599 baht in total.


Transport –       4,500 THB

A few trips around Bangkok meant I spent a fair amount on taxis. I also used Uber a few times which was a good experience overall. During rainy spells it proves difficult to get a taxi but with Uber it was never an issue.

I use the MRT and BTS pretty much every day and spend around 2,000 Baht a month. Add on motorcycle taxis and the total amount is around 4,500 baht.


Food –     8,000 THB

I was away for a week so my food bill was lower than normal. I didn’t go out too often and spent a lot of time at home so just got food from local places most days.


General Shopping –   1,000 THB

I purchased a few things for my holiday such as clothes and sunscreen.

Entertainment –     1,500 THB

I went out for a few beers and food after work with colleagues at the train market by Seacon Square which cost around 1,000 baht.

I also played a little badminton and football which was a few hundred baht each time. As you can see below I went  away for a week so that was my main entertainment for the month.

Travel –   35,000 THB

I went to Dubai to meet with my family for a week in September which is the cost in this section. My family covered flights and hotels so I was responsible for food and other costs.

I also got a hotel for the night on the way home from the holiday which was just over 1,000 baht.

Others –   0 THB


Invested –   6,200 THB

I put some money into Bitcoin again this month as the price had dropped a lot. By the end of the month the price increased by around 30%. I also looked into long term savings accounts in the UK and Thailand but none of them really stood out.

Saved –      20,000 THB

A good month for savings, mainly down to a couple of extra projects. Going on holiday normally costs a lot but I had the advantage of not paying for flights and hotels at this time.

Overview – Monthly Cost of Living in Thailand September 2017

I worked pretty hard in September and in the end I made it to 100,000 Baht for the third month in a row. I feel it will be difficult to get to that level in October as I have less going on. However, I feel it will be a productive month and I will get a lot done.


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28 year old living and working in Bangkok, Thailand since 2013. Running and teaching.

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