Where to Meet Normal Thai Women

Where to Meet Normal Thai Women


Thai WomanMany people who come to Thailand are familiar with some of the less desirable parts of the country and the activities which go on there. That lovely girl you met in Soi Cowboy or Pattaya may well turn out to be the love of your life but in all likelihood she wont be. So where can you meet normal Thai women who are looking for a long term relationship?

One of the main problems that affect people is they seem to lose their judgement when arriving in Thailand. A large number of Thai women like foreign men, some for good reason and others for bad reasons. Some men are unable to tell the difference between these women.

We will have a look at where to meet normal Thai women who are looking for serious relationships.


Working for an international company you will have the opportunity to meet many professional women both at your office and through work events. Also here most are likely to have a good grasp of the English language. Here you can get to know someone over a length of time. They are also able to know you so you can have a connection before a relationship.

It is not uncommon for teachers at adult language schools to end up in relationships with students. However this is often frowned upon by many institutes and in some cases can lead to your contract being terminated. It goes without saying that teachers at high school and university should not become involved with their students.

Shopping Malls

Shopping malls are a good place to meet women as shopping is like a national sport in Thailand. Many people flock to the big malls over the country on a daily basis. From Chiang Mai to Hat Yai there are lots of malls all over the country.

One issue you might have is the language barrier if you haven’t learnt basic Thai. Most Thai people can have a very basic conversation but asking for a phone number or Line might confuse some. However, with hundreds of coffee shops in every mall you already have the perfect place for a first chat.

Obviously there is a difference between standing at the shopping entrance harassing every women and approaching one that you like. Also bear in mind that most Thai women shop in groups so they might be embarrassed if you approach them

Sports Clubs

There are many sports and fitness clubs throughout Thailand. Here you come into contact with many different women, many of whom are professionals. Badminton is a very popular sport with men and women in Thailand and joining a badminton club is both a great way to make friends and also find a potential partner.

Bars and Clubs

In general I would suggest this is not the best option for meeting women, especially in the tourist districts. However, outside of these places you will find many people who are looking for a serious relationship, not just a night with a tourist. I have lived in a couple of small towns and going to the local bar or restaurant I have felt like a celebrity with lots of people staring at me. It would be quite easy to talk with lots of people and make new friends which can lead more in the future.

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